Corporate services

Unlock the potential in your brightest and best.

The answers to some of your organization’s biggest challenges already exist within your people. Viva Consulting understands power of asking good questions. We offer individual and group coaching for performance and management and using collaboration as a fundamental strategic planning principle that can make new initiatives easier for your organization to embrace.

  • Discover your true organizational values
  • Inquire into your leaders’ values-in-use
  • Get insight into the passion that moves your leaders forward
  • Understand who your organization really is, who it wants to be, and how to get there from here

Change management consultation

  • Know when, where and how various aspects of change should be implemented
  • Know who should participate in the process
  • Develop your organization’s human capacity to implement a new strategy
  • Learn new ways to evaluate the effectiveness of a new initiative
  • Understand the difference between a problem to be solved and a polarity to be managed
  • Give voice to ideas, passions and dreams through focus groups, discussion forums, PATH™ facilitation, Color Spectrum™ facilitation, and more

Clear language use

  • Develop a voice that sets your group apart and reinforces your unique values and vision
  • Develop communication strategies that allow important concepts to be conveyed in the clearest possible way for your audience

Customer service audit

  • Ensure that your office is welcoming to the public
  • Make small changes that offer tremendous results